Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Does Mr. Harper really want an election?

There are interesting ideas circulating on the internets:
Can you imagine the advantage the opposition coalition would have in such an election? First, they could scour the results of the last one, cherry-pick the ridings in which the Con barely eked out a win, and put extra effort into those ridings. But, of course, that's not the best part.

If this coalition was serious, it could simply do the following: take each riding in which a Conservative was the victor, note whoever from a coalition party came in second, nominate that person for that riding and withdraw everyone else. Simple, no?

That would, of course, require genuine co-operation on the part of the coalition parties to accept that whoever among the coalition candidates got the most votes in each riding in the last election deserves to be the unopposed nominee in this one. It might force a few people to swallow their pride for the good of the coalition, but can you imagine the devastation as Conservatives go down in flames since the "Left" is no longer stupidly splitting their vote, letting the Cons sneak up the middle? Would someone like to run the numbers and see what the results would be based on the figures from the last election?
Extraordinary times may call for extraordinary measures...