Monday, December 15, 2008

Giant sucking sound heard in Ottawa region

That would be the whooshing sound of Conservative Senate applications pouring into the PMO:"Hundreds of would-be senators flooding Tories with job requests." The floodgates are open and hungry, repressed Conservatives are lining up:
The Conservative government is being inundated by hundreds of applicants longing to land one of the 18 Senate spots about to be filled by Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

The candidates are springing forward at such a sprightly pace that officials in Harper's office say they're too busy processing papers to even count how many applications they've received.
Gee, and I thought there was important business of the nation to be conducted during prorogation? The economy, no? They sound quite preoccupied with this patronage matter.
...government staffers say they're still surprised by the sheer volume of self-declared candidates.

"Suffice it to say that my boss, like most ministers, is probably shocked by the number of people emailing him to patriotically offer their service to their country by deigning to accept a Senate seat," said one political staffer.

The appetite for appointments appears to have built up over the years among Conservative partisans who doubted that such a historic patronage feast would ever arrive.
Yes, a historic patronage feast. Let's leave it at that apt characterization.