Monday, December 29, 2008

Governor General says work together

I don't think it's a stretch to say that the Governor General's New Year message is pointed right at the occupant of the house that is just down the street from Rideau Hall:
As a new year dawns, we are filled with a renewed sense of hope. The days, weeks and months ahead may be whatever we imagine them to be and will be whatever we make of them.

But let us be realistic: the challenges are considerable and have caused a great deal of anxiety. This past year came to a close with the announcement of a global recession—one from which we are not immune—while an unprecedented political crisis shook the country. In December, the number of our soldiers killed in Afghanistan surpassed 100, and the entire country shares the pain of those tragic losses.

What these recent events bring to light is how important it is for us to work together—nations, governments, societies, businesses, organizations, individuals, side by side. The “fend for yourself” mentality has no place in an interdependent world, where the decisions of some have a profound impact on the lives of others; where our fates are inextricably linked. Today, I am calling for greater solidarity between us.

Given the magnitude of the challenges before us, the time has come for us to invent new ways of living together. It is up to us to seize that opportunity. It is in this spirit that my husband Jean-Daniel Lafond, our daughter Marie-Éden and our entire team join us in wishing everyone a year filled with promise and possibilities. (emphasis added)

Michaëlle Jean
Earth to we think he'll be getting the meaning of this? Interesting sprinkling of words that encourage cooperation here: "together" (twice), "interdependent," "inextricably linked," "solidarity." Could be too much for Harper to compute.

Fun to speculate as to some greater meaning behind these words from the GG. As in, if you fail to work together, given the magnitude of the challenges facing us, I'll turn to someone who will indeed be capable of inventing a new way for the Canadian parliament to work together. That "fend for yourself" comment is a very intriguing one as well.

Or maybe it's just me...:)