Monday, December 15, 2008

Harper at year end, not pretty

Infamous CTV guy interviews weak PM: here. As a reader puts it, "...if you're looking for evidence of change CTV has an item from the "Year End" message that shows the old Harper in full flight." I do think that's about right.

Interviewer: Are you sorry? Harper: Ramble, ramble, ramble, overturn the results of the election, ramble, ramble.

But do you regret what you did? Ramble, ramble, ramble..."sorry?" Concept does not compute.

Harper doesn't know Michael Ignatieff well. Huh. And if you believe that I've got a bridge in Alaska that Sarah Palin's building for ya...

He had no option on appointing 18 Senators, he had no choice! His "you had an option, sir" moment...:) Footage and all. I'm sure CTV wouldn't mind helping out an election ad, they certainly took their sweet time acting when Stephane was the butt of a Conservative attack using CTV footage. Defensive, defensive, defensive. So sad. "My own party wants me to do this. I'm the one who's been waiting and waiting..." "Frankly, until recently, no one was ever bugging me to get appointed to the Senate..." Frankly! There's the tell. Throw the party under the bus much there, guy?

Steve V has more on the incredible musings about his life after politics. Now if we can only send Mr. Harper on his way in 2009 and fulfill those musings. That way, we would not have to endure such interviews ever again.