Monday, December 22, 2008

Harper's separatist appointment to the Senate

A day of monumental hypocrisy for Mr. Harper.

While Conservative Senator Mike Duffy is getting the lion's share of attention today (nothing more needs to be said beyond using the new title), there should be as much directed toward the pick of Michel Rivard from Quebec. Rivard was a PQ member of the National Assembly at the time of the 1995 Quebec referendum.
Élu député du Parti québécois dans Limoilou en 1994. Délégué régional de la région de Québec du 26 septembre 1994 au 29 janvier 1996, et adjoint parlementaire du ministre responsable de la région de Québec du 29 janvier 1996 au 28 octobre 1998. Défait en 1998.
For Mr. Harper to award a Senate seat to a person who was committed to and worked on the Yes side of that referendum is something that deserves a little scrutiny. Is he trying to "walk back" from his rhetoric of the past few weeks that has damaged significantly his electoral fortunes in Quebec by sending a message with this appointment? Whatever the motivation, not the best judgment on display here.

(h/t to the Jurist who picked up on the Rivard point as well)