Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Now they get it

The Globe editorial board is on a bit of a roll this week, with yet another highly critical editorial of Mr. Harper: "New policies, familiar rhetoric." The board was not impressed by the CTV interview, joining a pack of us on that score:
Worse is that Mr. Harper continues to actively misrepresent the events of the past several weeks and the motives of his opponents. “We only found out [after the economic update] that they've been planning to overturn the results of the election ever since election night,” he said. In fact, there is nothing to suggest that the opposition had any prior intention of toppling the government, and the disarray the Liberals quickly fell into suggests the prospect surprised them as much as anyone.

Nor would the opposition have been “overturning the results of the election,” as Mr. Harper repeatedly alleged. Although a coalition government may be politically untenable, it would be entirely within the boundaries of parliamentary democracy – not a coup attempt, as the Conservatives continually claim.
He's also getting whacked in a separate report for his musing about a "depression" being possible. You know, for the inspiration and leadership he's providing at this time of economic hardship, being the great leader that he is, after all.

Good for the Globe for calling him out. There's really no choice when a Prime Minister is, as they put it, actively misrepresenting events and our system of government. It really is a remarkable thing to behold.