Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Power to the people: contact the Governor General

"This is Canada. Power must be earned. Not taken." Infamous words from Conservative propaganda unleashed today. "Power" is the word Mr. Harper likes to obsessively repeat, over and over.

"Power" resides in the majority of elected members of parliament. Today, that power lies with a majority of opposition MP's who outnumber Conservative members. James Laxer has effectively summed up Mr. Harper and his MP's misrepresentations on where "power" resides in our Canadian parliamentary democracy. It is properly with the majority of members whom we the people elect.

Here's the power of the Canadian citizen that should be put into motion right now, from a grandmother who reads this blog and is taking action:
"Since the Cons have resorted to a PR campaign to influence the GG, we who support the coalition should make the GG aware of our opposition to proroguing Parliament on the grounds Prof Russell states. We need to start emailing her as well as our MP's. info@GG.CA

A few days ago one of the Libloggers encouraged people to write her with their support for the coalition. ....giving a form letter to use and especially addressing her as Your Excellency. I copied that letter/emailed/and received an auto reply out of the office notice. I will forward my letter to you. Can't remember which blogger posted it.

Can you kick off a letter writing campaign to the GG or do you remember who posted the idea?"
Contact the Governor General here. Say "NO" to proroguing the House of Commons in order to run from a confidence vote. Say the following, if you like, courtesy of this draft from blogger Chris Charabaruk:
Her Excellency
the Right Honourable Michaƫlle Jean, C.C., C.M.M., C.O.M., C.D.
Governor General of Canada


I support the Liberal-NDP coalition and ask that Parliament not be prorogued. At a time when the confidence of the House of Commons in the government is in question, proroguing Parliament at the request of the Prime Minister would be interfering with the proper operations of Parliament and only serve to hinder the Canadian democratic process.

Your Excellency realizes the significance and precedent setting nature of this current affair of the government, and Your Excellency must also know that the will of the people of Canada is behind the proposed coalition as forwarded to you by the heads of opposition. As it is in our interest to allow the House of Commons to display their confidence, or lack thereof, in the current ministry, I humbly beseech Your Excellency to refuse any advice from the Prime Minister to prorogue or otherwise disrupt the current affair.

Again, I plead that Parliament not be prorogued, and that this affair plays out as it will.

Your servant,

Another sample letter is here:
Your Excellency,

As a citizen of Canada I would respectfully request that if the current government falls you refuse the Right Honorable Prime Minister's request for an election. As you are no doubt aware, Canada is in the worst financial crisis the country has faced in 70 years. Spending another 300 million dollars on a new election when the opposition is ready and willing to form a government would be irresponsible and dangerous for our great country.

Yours humbly,
Forward and act.