Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Spector carries the ball today

Norman Spector carrying the ball today in what seems to be the daily parade of Conservatives arguing we must have elections every time there's a confidence vote. Chipeur, Flanagan, Spector.

Spector argues that a reference should be made to the Supreme Court on the question of the coalition's right to "take power without winning an election." Yeah...that sounds like a twelve to eighteen month process. Not really conducive to a question on a confidence vote. What might we expect everyone to do if one occurs before the court has given an opinion? Say in January?

The court would be offering an opinion on constitutional conventions but what would give anyone confidence that this PM would respect it? This would be an opinion, not a binding judgment. He's exhibited little deference for things legal. See the in and out scheme under the Elections Act or his broken fixed date elections law, for example. On the other hand, he does like to use litigation strategically, so maybe Spector is on to something.

Otherwise, it's the usual Conservative fare here. There's the spectre (sorry, can't resist) of the Bloc being involved in the coalition. That the PM must be listened to by the GG if he seeks an election. Yada, yada, yada. It's like groundhog day.

You must give them credit though. Daily arguments in support of their objectives, no matter how misguided or inappropriate. And a willing media to peddle it all. The other side is not matching them.