Sunday, December 07, 2008

Strange activity in Washington...

Elsewhere, politicians are working day and night to save their auto industry:
"Racing to seal a deal with the White House, Democratic congressional leaders dispatched aides Saturday to draft an emergency $15-billion aid package to pull Detroit's Big Three automakers from the brink of collapse.
...with Washington spooked by massive job losses that provided the latest evidence of a deepening recession, the White House said it was in 'constructive discussions' with legislators in both parties on the assistance.

House of Representatives and Senate Democratic staff aides worked through the weekend to hammer out details, with votes on the plan expected in the week ahead."
More here. How positively foreign. Legislators from opposing sides working together, what a concept. No such efforts going on here...we're closed for business, don't ya know:

The upshot is that Canada effectively has no federal government as the nation slides into a recession that some forecasters expect will claim 600,000 jobs, in addition to the hundreds of thousands of Canadians thrown out of work in the manufacturing, auto, forestry and other sectors in the last two years.

Relief will have to wait at least the better part of two months, until late January, when Stephen Harper's government finally tables a stimulus budget, which must then be debated and might well be defeated.

That's seven lost weeks, at a minimum, when Stephen Harper's political career will assume primacy over the economy.

Could be a very expensive seven weeks for Harper. Read the rest of that Olive piece for the numbers on what other world economies are spending in stimulus and an overall indictment of the Harper government's lack of action.

Well done, tin-pot.