Friday, January 30, 2009

Addition of Twitter to the blog

As you will see in the right sidebar, I've decided to hop on to the Twitter micro-blogging phenomenon. At first, I signed in just to reserve my blog name and had planned to mull over the actual use of it for a while. I've been reading posts here and there over the past few months by bloggers who have started using it only to discard it. But then a few people added me to their follow list so now I'm caught. Blasted!

I can see how it would come in handy though and it seems to me it's all in the using. My intention is to use it for short blog entries - with 140 characters, there's nothing else possible - on events and issues in order to supplement the blog where I may not be interested in writing a full-blown post or may not have the time. The ability to update quickly by using a mobile device is also an attraction (even though you can do that with Blogger). Further, I can see this being quite useful when a major political event is unfolding. Quick thoughts can be entered in the absence of the restraints you face when composing a blog entry. Live blogging a political debate would be a good example. But then again, it's only 140 characters, so you can question again how useful it is.

So, despite my many existential quandaries over the application, I'm going to get with the 2009 ethos, give it a shot and see how it goes.

And P.S., that's not me in the photo that accompanies my twitter i.d. It's an absurd picture that I find hilarious and somewhat emblematic of the Conservative government.