Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Dear Greg

I am humbled by your concern for my supposed feelings of guilt as a Liberal. I must admit though, I'm not feeling bad today at all. The Liberal party is a big party and while I may be on the progressive end of the spectrum, I feel quite at home thank you very much. I'm delighted that you've taken such interest in my political well-being.

I must admit that I also find it baffling to think that you would read my blog and think that I would embrace the Conservatives in any respect, let alone a coalition of some sort. I don't find the idea a natural fit, it's quite unnatural if you ask me. Ask any Liberal and they'll tell you much the same thing. The word "ick" comes to mind. The parliamentary numbers of the past few years are difficult realities for us all to live with and work within, particularly when Mr. Harper abuses the use of the confidence vote, but I assure you, there should be no confusion about Liberals and Conservatives. Did the environmental policy we offered in the last election, albeit rejected by the voters, strike you as a particularly Conservative one? Do the calls to repatriate Omar Khadr strike you as Conservative policy? Is the cancellation of the Court Challenges Programme something you also would have expected from the Liberals?

I appreciate your clever offering up of a "True Blue Coalition," but note that you spelled it wrong. As you did with my blog name. That Blogger has no spell check on such equally important components of the blog post is an ongoing source of bemusement for me as well.