Monday, January 26, 2009

Harper's Senate crew show up

Just to round out the inauspicious day for Mr. Harper, it must be noted that his prorogation Senate picks made their first appearance today, among them, the controversial Patrick Brazeau:
CTV broadcaster Mike Duffy, former broadcaster Pamela Wallin and Olympic icon Nancy Greene Raine were among 18 Canadians sworn in to the Senate on Monday.

The senators received the oath of office shortly before Gov. Gen. Michaƫlle Jean was set to open a new session of Parliament with a speech from the throne.
Another controversial pick is Patrick Brazeau. The former head of the Congress of Aboriginal Peoples is facing a sexual harassment complaint before a human rights tribunal, charges he has dismissed as “100 per cent false.”
So it's official, Brazeau is now sworn in and wearing the Conservative mantle. The stream of revelations over the past month or so of multiple sexual harassment allegations and financial questions at CAP made absolutely no difference to the stubborn Harper government. They'd rather stick with a flawed nominee than do the right thing. One more remarkable thing for the Harper government to wear.