Friday, January 09, 2009

Implosion, part IV

So now we're into the "V" numerals...:)

Conservative Senate appointee Patrick Brazeau, the implosion continues: "Congress member suspended before he could raise Brazeau allegations." Yes, today we can throw in Brazeau having suspended the entire Manitoba wing of the Congress of Aboriginal Peoples just days before the annual general meeting in November, apparently because the president of that wing intended to raise the Brazeau sexual harassment allegations publicly at the meeting. Other provincial wings opposed Brazeau's action in suspending Manitoba:
The B.C. and Saskatchewan wings of the congress sent strongly worded letters to Mr. Brazeau opposing the suspension. The letters, obtained by The Globe, said Mr. Brazeau's reasons for suspending the Manitoba wing appeared politically motivated and not legitimate. They warned Mr. Brazeau that it would be inappropriate for him to silence a critical voice just days before the key meeting.

"The election process will not be legitimate if only certain affiliates are allowed to vote at the [meeting]," David Dennis, president of the B.C. affiliate, wrote in a letter to Mr. Brazeau on Nov. 12, three days before the vote.

Kim Beaudin, president of the Saskatchewan affiliate, wrote in a Nov. 9 letter of his concern that the congress executive was working "overtime to ensure the voice of [the Manitoba affiliate] is silenced."
This is just a mess, an absolute mess. What incompetence the Harper team foists upon us. By failing to vet this character properly, either intentionally or being negligent in doing so. Canadians deserve better than to see this calibre of appointment being made.