Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Lobbying the airlines on allergies

A break from the political for a moment...if you know anyone with peanut or other allergies then you know how serious they can be. There's an online campaign going on to lobby the airlines to improve their policies and the in-flight environment by working with the allergy community:
Allergic Living magazine has launched an online write-in campaign to the two major Canadian airlines – Air Canada and WestJet.

The purpose? To request that Canada’s top airlines develop clear, consistent, communicated policies on food allergies that include a few measures to prevent dangerous in-flight reactions.

To gain the airlines’ interest, they need to receive great numbers of letters. So we need your help. Please take five minutes – and take part in the campaign at www.allergicliving.com (see the green box, upper right).
This is the image you want to click on:
Take a minute and do it, they're at 489 and they're looking for 1000 letters.