Thursday, January 08, 2009

An opening

This is an excellent little video that canvasses the Harper posturing on Senate reform and his recent total abdication of principle on the issue. Includes wonderful parallel footage of Mr. Mulroney and his "you had an option, sir" 1984 moment. The Globe report today on Harper's intent on stacking the Senate reaffirms how great the hypocrisy is, with its reporting on the intent to load it up as much as possible in 2009. We know that, in any event, the Senate's but one spoke in the wheel of ever getting true Senate reform. The provinces, hello? Would Harper proceed without Quebec? I suspect he won't be around long enough to ever achieve a constitutional change of this sort, so the stacking is likely just grabbing the fruits of power that he's railed against for so long.

The situation does lead one to wonder, however, about whether there's an opening here given what's transpired. This columnist hinted at the prospect a few weeks back:
Iggy already has signalled he wants to win back the West. With these Senate appointments Harper has given his new foe just the issue he needs to campaign more credibly in Alberta. Brilliant.
Hmmm...barn storm the west with a Senate proposal! Well, it's something to think about anyway. It could be satisfying to do to Harper what he did to Ignatieff on the Quebec nation resolution. The merits of pursuing a new Senate policy would have to be weighed against the real prospect of picking up seats in the west through such appeals. There are better political minds than me out there to start thinking about it.

In the meantime, it is enough politically to point out the rank hypocrisy.