Wednesday, January 21, 2009

"Senator" Brazeau defends himself

In a letter to the editor, where he's referenced as a "Senator." Somebody's getting a little ahead of themselves.

Of note, in his letter, he writes:
I submitted fully to an independent review of allegations of sexual harassment. I stand by the conclusions reached by independent investigators. I was also re-elected with one of the biggest majorities in the organization's history in November.
It is unclear exactly how independent that investigation was. As noted in media reports, the board of CAP itself has not been permitted to see the report:
The investigation report has not been publicly released or even shared with the congress board members.
That's just bizarre. And it's been reported that inappropriate behaviour was noted by the investigation and the case has ended up before the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal.

On the point of his re-election in November, the Manitoba wing was suspended days before that vote, undermining such a sweeping claim by Brazeau. In the wake of his re-election, in fact, CAP has been reported to be in danger of falling apart.

One other final intriguing note from Brazeau's letter today:
Reporter Bill Curry exaggerates the draft findings of a Health Canada audit into what happened to federal cash transferred to the congress. How ironic that on the same day, the congress received a letter from the federal Health Minister that notes that the congress, under my leadership, largely dealt with all identified issues as proven through an October, 2008, audit.
Yes, that is very interesting that the new Health Minister is suddenly involved in assuring that CAP is no longer offside. Did someone from the PMO direct this involvement? Just yesterday they were claiming they had no knowledge of the Health Canada audit. Seems pretty coincidental that the Health Minister is suddenly coming to Brazeau's rescue, kind of, with some wondrously timed letter.  These ministers don't tend to act on their own.  But whatever intervention the new minister is making, as referenced by Brazeau, it does nothing to disturb the problems that have led Health Canada to request a refund of over $260,000 from CAP.

And the story continues...