Tuesday, January 20, 2009


That's how Harper's listeriosis investigation went over today. Roundly criticized by the union representing food inspectors, opposition members and experts. How hard is it to put together an inquiry on an issue that should rightly and easily transcend political concerns?  Very hard for the Harper government it appears.  One more example of how difficult it is for them to lead and build consensus on serious issues.  

It's also questionable to see the PMO trying to influence the investigation by simultaneously putting its own p.r. spin on what they've done in the wake of the listeriosis crisis. On the same web page that announces Ms. Weatherill's background and the narrow terms of reference, there appears the following so entitled list: "Government Action to Protect the Health and Safety of Canadians." That's just flat out inappropriate. We've seen plenty on this file to know that the government's actions are in question here. That they've moved to cover themselves immediately suggests that they know it.