Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Whatever you say

I think this calls for 2008's most infamous phrase, lipstick on a pig:
The new head of the Congress of Aboriginal Peoples is supporting his predecessor, Patrick Brazeau, saying Canada's aboriginal community should be celebrating the appointment of "one of their own" to the Senate.

Kevin Daniels, who was elected vice-chief of the organization in November, now replaces Mr. Brazeau on an interim basis. He released the supportive statement after a meeting in Ottawa with the organization's board members from Quebec and the Maritimes.

The board members representing congress affiliates from Ontario westward did not attend and are threatening to pull out of the organization. They oppose how Mr. Brazeau and the eastern board members handled the allegations of misconduct against Mr. Brazeau and senior staff.
The organization appears to be severely splintered along east-west lines due to Mr. Brazeau's controversial tenure. But other than that little inconvenient development, they're completely satisfied! Or is it just that they're so darn happy to see him go?