Monday, February 02, 2009

The awful truth

Latest fundraising numbers for the political parties in 2008 that show how tilted the playing field is:"Tory war chest nearly four times that of rivals." Massive ouch:
The Tory fundraising juggernaut steamrollered its opponents in 2008.

New figures from Elections Canada show the federal Conservatives raised nearly four times more money than their closest rival.

The $21.2-million raked in by the Tories easily outpaced the $5.9-million raised by the Liberals, $5.45-million by the NDP, $1.6-million by the Green Party, and $713,000 by the Bloc Québécois.
A silver lining for the Liberals:
While the Tories have declared that talk of a coalition prompted a flood of donations, only one party's revenues actually increased in the final quarter.

That was the Liberal party, whose contributions jumped 23 per cent from the third quarter, while Tory donations dropped slightly from the previous months.
The recent unhappiness from the Conservative base about the budget may impact Conservative numbers in the coming year, but even if it does, they'll still have a heck of an advantage.

And the silver lining for Rocco Rossi, there's nowhere to go but up. If that Liberal brand is just so darn resilient and historic, it has to be able to compete with the Conservatives financially. Otherwise, our democratic discourse and the political playing field in this country are going to continue to be hopelessly skewed.