Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Harper on CNN/Wolf Blitzer

Here he is on the Situation Room, courtesy of the PMO.

Did Harper seem tired/sluggish?

Especially interesting, post the 4:30 mark, where Harper speaks about financial regulation in Canada: "we have the strongest banking sector in the world." That's a good point, Mr. Harper.

Harper also touts the government being in a position of financial surplus until this year. Yes...another good point, Mr. Harper.

Always interesting to see such interviews, but fact-check with care...:)

(RedTory has this up as well.)

Update (8:00 p.m.): CP has a report on it now, with a few quotes from Harper, this one picked up on by Adam Radwanski:
"This is a huge risk to the world right now," Harper said on CNN in an interview from Ottawa. "If there's one thing that could turn a recession into a depression, it is protectionist measures across the world." (emphasis added)
On our own efforts, still unpassed of course, due to much delay in governing from Conservatives:
"We have a stimulus package ourselves; we didn't impose 'Buy Canada' provisions," he said.
No, we didn't and it's still not done even though Harper has been in office all this time and Obama's been on the job for just weeks. And a fitting endnote to put Harper's appearance on CNN in context:
The prime minister was likely preaching to an indifferent audience, however. Canada-U.S. relations barely register on the radar screen south of the border, even as a new poll in Canada suggests Harper's countrymen are convinced en masse that the relationship will thrive under Obama.