Monday, February 23, 2009

Harper on Fox News, Canadian oil witches and other yarns

Just had a look at the Harper performance on Fox News and the train wreck transcripts, which Fox tells us, "may not be 100% accurate." Bit of an understatement. They do manage to get it down for the most part, but the Fox system still manages to entertain. In a brief segment on the oil sands, they come up with "Canadian oil witches." There was a phrasing in the conversation, "Canadian oil which is...," but you can see how the automatons would get to "witches." Second segment of Harper appearance in which that occurs, here: "PM Harper on the U.S. Financial System." Maybe they're trying to liven up the rather dull performance of the PM...:) But seriously now...

Let's see...during that second segment, some dubious claims by the PM. Must have gotten warmed up after the first, which was eventful in the fact-checking department, but not as eventful as the second:
"We don't have the mortgage problems certainly we have a downturn in our housing sector but it's not structural there will be no government bail out mortgages in Canada."
No government bail out of mortgages in Canada? Hmmm, what was this all about then? And no mortgage problems? Read this tale of the Harper-high risk-40 year mortgages.

Glossing over the Conservative induced deficit of between $46 billion and $105 billion over the next 5 years, prior to the recession and stimulus spending, of course:
We should be able to do that and emerge back in the surplus in about four years' time so we haven't got a structural deficit problem which which isn't a pretty good. Financial even running a budget certainly been -- budget surplus for over a decade for over a decade. And we're in a position to return to surpluses and as the recession is over -- obviously.
Yes, obviously.

And repeating the blame-the-U.S. environmental mantra now to the U.S. audience:
"We Canada for a decade wanted to have some regulation on carbon emissions but in an integrated North American -- economy."
Was very interesting as well to see Harper singing the praises of the highly regulated financial sector. See link above on the mortgage experimentation the Harper/Flaherty team engaged in.

As for the first segment of his appearance, video and transcript are here. Rather bumbled mumbling on protectionism in places, although he did seem to get the point out, eventually. But an intriguing mention of Canada's "second stimulus package." Really? I think we all missed the first. He's likely renaming the second GST cut and the fall 2007 update as the first "stimulus package," to convince us, wrongly, that he saw it all coming.

Always fun to watch...:)