Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Harper stuck to the course for 3 days

Somebody didn't "stick to the course" for very long!

Harper Friday:
...the Prime Minister directly rebuffed the Liberals' hints they might force the Conservatives into another round of stimulus spending in late spring.

"We cannot have in Parliament, quite frankly, instability every week and every month, every time there's a new number, people demanding a different plan…" Mr. Harper said. "We continue to believe this is the action we need, and we're going to need it in the months to come, and we're not going to be blown off track every time there's some bad news."(emphasis added)
"We have got to be able to stick to the course," Harper said.
Harper today, backtracking:
Prime Minister Stephen Harper appears to have opened the door to his government offering more economic stimulus spending in the coming months, on top of the $40 billion over two years contained in the recently tabled federal budget.
"Obviously, Mr. Speaker, we will see how things unfold in the months to come," he said. "But, Mr. Speaker, it’s important that we proceed with a plan."
Yes, that's all perfectly consistent now, isn't it?