Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Hypocrisy? Say it ain't so

Word is making its way round the blogosphere on the issue of bloggers of the Conservative variety not donating to their party. Yet carelessly leaping to incorrectly accuse Michael Ignatieff of not giving (see Tribe and Kinsella). You know, the search mechanisms on the Elections Canada website are a wonderful thing. Try them sometime, there's lots of fun you can have.

I'm not going to disparage people overly, circumstances dictate what one can give and there are other ways to contribute, yes. But one would think that the stars of the Conservative side of the blogosphere might be a little more enthusiastic about their party. You know, set an example.

And if you're wondering, around here, we put our money where our mouth is. Some (probably not many, but maybe a few...:)) would say it's even an exceedingly large, blowhard type mouth. Therefore, I contribute accordingly, roughly half the limit in '08. I figured, if a person like me doesn't give, then who will?

The things you never think you'll learn on the internet in a given day...