Monday, February 23, 2009

The new Conservative talking points must be out

I totally believe these comments on the CTV site:
Peter in London
The Right Honorable Stephen Harper is first and foremost a family man who grew up in a middle class setting and understands the real values of life for the average citizen.
He is a top notch economist and a world history and political junkie.
His favorite pastime is hockey and he is also an historical buff on the subject of our national sport.
He is the leader of the newest federal political party in Canada and it's principal architect. It has not yet been corrupted by too many years in power and it's right of centre values appeal to most Canadians.

Now our Prime Minister impresses on the world stage and is about to be one of it's most influencial leaders to steer us out of the economic turmoil.

Yet, too many Canadians do not recognize this or should I say don't take the time to analyse before swallowing and regurgitating the cliches and propaganda. It is really a shame.

Harper is among the top five best Prime Ministers this country has ever had. PERIOD.
Another impressed citizen:
Richard L. Provencher
My wife and I are very proud of our PM Harper. He is the right man for this period of difficulty. He promotes co-operation and exudes pride in his country, and it shows. I believe many Canadians think more of him now as he deals with this "global" economic issue.
What about you, Lillian?
This PM is one of the best we have ever had. He has the respect of leaders around the world. He hasn't been overly friendly to the media and won't be pushed round by them and therefore they refuse to give him fair coverage most of the time. I am thankful that Harper is PM at this critical time.
Totally, freaking, awesome.

Your end of day laugh...:)