Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Not feeling the patriotism

You can find Susan Ormiston's report on the National last night about the New Brunswick anthem controversy including an interview with Erik Millett, the principal of the New Brunswick school at issue, here at this link, "Principal speaks out." It is well worth watching if you missed it. The impact on Millett is clear. In addition to the mob who commenced with telephone and email threats, a parent threatened, in person, to beat him senseless.

Note the parent who was pushing for the anthem to be played every day stating that the "pledge of allegiance" is not recited anymore...what is she talking about? This is Canada, we don't do that.

Note also the footage about halfway through of the Conservative MPs popping up in Parliament like lemmings, repeating the lie that Millett had banned the anthem. He didn't ban it. Given the similarity in what was read out off pieces of paper by these MPs, it's worth asking who was behind this apparently concerted effort to inflame this local issue having to do with one school in New Brunswick and bring it on to the national stage. Sometimes watching these Conservatives in government is like watching pyromaniacs playing with matches.

There's something very wrong here.

Update (3:35 p.m.): The Green party released a statement on this matter on January 30th as Millett was previously a Green party candidate in New Brunswick. That is mentioned in the CBC report and is perhaps an additional rationale for the pouncing by Conservatives on the issue. The statement defends their former candidate but supports the daily singing of the anthem.

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