Sunday, February 08, 2009

Senator Brazeau on "Question" Period today

The young Senator was on Question Period today, facing a "barrage" of questions. He claimed again that he had been cleared of wrongdoing in respect of one of the allegations of sexual harassment. Others disagree:
Brazeau said the allegations were investigated and dismissed by an independent mediation firm last year.

"The conclusions of the investigation was that there was no wrongdoing, there was no sexual harassment and therefore, the allegations were false, and that's now case closed," Brazeau told CBC News on Wednesday.

"My integrity is not at stake here."

But Will Menard, one of Brazeau's former board members from Manitoba, told CBC News that the board voted not to release the final investigators' report, but the executive summary said there was inappropriate behaviour.

"In my mind, he's not cleared at all," Menard said.

Menard added it is true Brazeau's behaviour didn't breach CAP's sexual harassment policy, but only because the policy is so weak.
And of course, there's the obvious point, if there's no wrongdoing, why did the claim end up in front of the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal?

You know, I really try to stay away from criticizing media. But here, one just has to shake their head. Why did Ms. Taber not ask serious follow-up questions? Does she not read the material and anticipate what he'd say? The Menard information, the contrary viewpoints, should have been put to him. The complaint at the Human Rights Tribunal is against the Congress, not him? Please. Just ask him, "what does that mean, Mr. Brazeau?" He was just vice-chief when the allegations about misspent funds from Health Canada occurred. Oh well then. Ask him what the vice-chief does. Or better yet, have an idea of what the vice-chief does before you ask the question. But moving on...

No questions on the long-term viability of the Congress given the reporting that it's possibly fracturing in the wake of his leaving. Or about the challenge now from an AFN candidate to subsume the Congress within it? All of which he's left in his wake going to the credibility of Brazeau as a legitimate choice made by Mr. Harper. Speaking of Harper...what kind of vetting did Brazeau go through? Any questions in that area? Nope. What was the process like? Who did he speak with, etc., etc., etc.

Watch the "interview" here. To think that U.S. Senators are nervous prior to Meet the Press appearances. No such fears here!