Thursday, March 19, 2009

Independent Gritgirl now Conservative fundraising tool

Updated, Friday afternoon...see below.

Further to FarNWide's dissection and prediction of coming Conservative reaction to Gritgirl, the independent producer of thorn in the side videos that are truth telling about the Harper government's dismal economic record much to their great dismay, David Akin posts a fundraising letter dated today from Mr. Doug Finley, Director of Political Operations, courtesy of a disgruntled Conservative. The Conservative supporter doesn't seem too pleased to be receiving fundraising requests on the basis of Gritgirl.

Feast your eyes on this choice line, from the Conservative political guru and the party of Stephen Harper: "...the Liberals will say anything to win." If you're talking about the truth, well, yes. Also a choice element of the letter:
P.S. Never forget that in 2004 the Liberal Party of Canada launched pre-campaign attack ads against Stephen Harper less than two months after he became leader of the Conservative Party of Canada.
From the Dion character assassins, that's hilarious. Can anyone even remember those 2004 ads after what the Conservatives have run on the airwaves in this country for years now?

And again, it must be said, there's absolutely no evidence that Gritgirl, despite the name, is in fact officially associated with the Liberal party, despite Mr. Finley's efforts here and much to wider Conservative consternation. Citizens are motivated, independent of the Liberal party to defeat the Conservatives.

h/t Beaudine

Update (11:45 p.m.): Just another thought...wondering if the wheels are turning in other talented and creative minds at the moment as the Harper gang looks to be engaging perhaps another arts oriented challenge in the next it Culture en Peril, the sequel.

Update II (Friday afternoon): Regarding the "P.S." in the above fundraising letter, it should be noted that the framing of the Liberal ads run against Stephen Harper in 2004 is off in any event. Harper had been Canadian Alliance leader since 2002, prior to running for the merged party's leadership, i.e., he hadn't been a newbie leader for just two months, as implied in their letter. And further, when he did become Conservative leader in March 2004, a federal election was brewing.

In any event, it's just terribly comic to hear the Conservatives whining about such long ago events when they've clearly become the dominant negative political players in Canada.

Updatey III: Steve with more on the Conservative reaction to Gritgirl.