Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Picking and choosing broadcast winners

Just when I was wondering, what is going on with Canwest as today was supposed to be some kind of critical deadline and all, there's this report...

It looks like an early report with details to come, but it's not a good direction for the federal government to be taking by choosing to fund private broadcasters at the local level and not the public broadcaster:
The federal cabinet is considering a $150-million fund to help private TV broadcasters who complain they are stretched to the max.

Sources close to the cabinet discussions tell the Canadian Press that the fund would be specifically geared toward local programming.

The fund would benefit big private broadcasters like CTV and Global. It's unclear whether the CBC would be eligible for money.

Private broadcasters say a drop in advertising revenues due to the financial crisis is seriously affecting their ability to continue producing quality Canadian and local programming.

Several local TV stations across Canada have either closed or are up for sale.
This would be another indication that yes, the money is there for broadcasting, just not for the CBC. Strange path they look to be following, very strange and maddening.