Friday, June 19, 2009

Auditor General working this summer?

Could be, this important "Enabling Accessibility Fund" and the odd Conservative distribution of it begs for scrutiny. If we can't distribute funding for disability projects across this country free from partisan advantage then our political system is morally bankrupt. It's hard to see how the Auditor General can avoid looking into what appear to be unconscionable numbers here:

...94 per cent of the funding approved so far from the $45-million Enabling Accessibility Fund has gone to Conservative-held ridings.

In particular, only two of 89 applications for major project funding have been approved, both for $15 million and both in Conservative ridings - Calgary Northeast and Flaherty's Whitby-Oshawa in Ontario.

One of those two major projects is the Durham Abilities Centre in Ontario.

Flaherty's wife, Ontario MPP Christine Elliott, and his executive assistant, Nancy Shaw, are on the board of directors and Flaherty himself served as a director in the past, Savage wrote in a letter to Fraser.

Savage said disabled organizations have complained that the application criteria for large projects appeared "custom-made" for the centre in Flaherty's riding.

Moreover, he said many non-profit organizations were shut out of the application process for smaller projects because of the strict criteria and one-month time frame they were given for preparing applications.

Drops in non-Conservative ridings, buckets into Conservative ridings. An ongoing story to follow, that's for sure.