Friday, June 26, 2009

Blogging milestone

Of some sort, don't know if this is good or bad! Noticed this week that this number was coming up. This is my 6,000th post since beginning the blog back in April of 2005. And it seems like just yesterday that this little hobby began...:)

It's kind of funny (and sometimes embarrassing, let's face it) to look back on your older posts and see how one has evolved as a blogger. Writing style, emphasis, some positions taken, causes pursued, tilting at windmills, you name it. I was much less of a "L"iberal at the beginning and much more of an anti-Bush blogger. Spent the majority of time with my earlier posts writing about U.S. issues in a greater depth of detail than I'd ever really do these days, mostly due to that widely shared intense and motivating dislike for W and what he wrought for the world. As anyone who reads knows, however, that focus has greatly shifted and it's pretty much all-Canadian all the time around here.

This blog led me to join a political party in December for the first time since a minor dalliance in high school/university. It becomes hard not to commit when you're engaging with issues regularly that you care about. One of the upsides of this blogging experience.

Another upside, have met some fabulous committed people, Liberals yes, others in the blogosphere and now the twittersphere. This online world can be strange and insular but positive too. "It is what it is." Then there are the people who regularly email and send thoughts, support, stories they feel need attention, that's been so great. Love the graphic contributions too (you know who you are)!

I know some out there find my lack of comments problematic and I'm sorry for that but it's going to remain that way for now. My blog, my life, for many reasons. Don't intend for that to sound flip (even though it probably does!) I don't get many complaints about that at all, btw. Think people know what to expect when they arrive here and they're OK with that.

Am blessed to have a flexible life that allows me to keep this up. I guess it'll continue until I've run out of things to say (what?!) or life intervenes. For now, onwards and thanks for reading...:)