Saturday, June 13, 2009

Harper on Fox

As they say, document the atrocities...

Quick overview...

No stance on Gitmo, when asked. No to taking any detainees. Deference to the U.S. on Khadr. Same old, same old, Harper will continue to disappoint on this to the end.

Voters around the world are reluctant to take chances on parties with uncertain economic plans...positioning as he considers his own prospects. Because you know, his record has been a model of consistency (no deficit, no recession, oops, big deficit, big recession).

"Coalition" moment at 6:15 and ff.

Misrepresentation: Cdn government had surplus going into recession.

Seemed to be quite a lot of arguing over merits of stimulus spending, repeat of prior Harper interview in U.S. Not clear how this helps.

Not until about 13:00 mark does the protectionist point about "Buy America" come up.

Cavuto asks Harper about U.S. appointing "czars" for different issues...another no comment from Harper at end of day.

Again, left wondering what is the point of these interviews? Anything accomplished other than bolstering Harper's image in the right wing sympathetic American media? Even for them, it's not clear, having watched it, what they get out of having Harper on.

Unless Canadians view this video or read the reporting on it, not that much impact in Canada, except perhaps the coalition remark. And of course, a reminder that our Prime Minister chose to do a national television interview with American media over Canadian just as his government released an economic report it might go down on. Priorities, reinforced.