Friday, June 19, 2009


Canwest repeats ugly, unfounded allegations from a Conservative muckraking flyer sent out by Conservative Vic Toews and makes it a national news story. As Aaron Wherry pointed out yesterday, the contents of the flyer have been totally debunked in the past, for example:
...Ignatieff was adept, even emotional, in rebutting accusations he had ever insulted Ukrainians. In fact, a fair reading of the contentious chapter on Ukraine in his 1995 book Blood and Belonging shows it to be a subtle meditation on nationalism in the context of the Ukrainian experience under Soviet domination in the 20th century.
With such a vicious charge drawn from an obviously partisan source, a news organization, you'd think, would go further than Canwest did in this report to determine its legitimacy. Or do they just intend to type up and circulate any old flyer the Conservatives put out this summer?