Monday, June 08, 2009

The judges are standing up to the dangerous Harper Conservatives

What kind of democracy are we living in under the Harper Conservatives folks? From an editorial note accompanying the Chronicle Herald's report on the Raitt tape story tonight, very instructive background on the case today from Dan Leger, director of news content there:

As you will see in the accompanying story, the conversations reveal a minister dealing with the medical isotope crisis but also concerned about her political opportunities. She thinks the isotope issue is “sexy” because it deals with cancer and contamination.

Despite the plain public interest in this information, we agreed at the advice of our lawyers to hold off until a hearing could be held Monday afternoon before Mr. Justice Gerald Moir of the Nova Scotia Supreme Court. The three-hour hearing produced a decision which has allowed us to print Mr. Maher’s story.

But that almost didn’t happen. When the hearing began, Ms. MacDonnell’s lawyers wanted not only to suppress the story, but demanded a total ban on all aspects of the dispute, on the names, places, details and facts. They claimed that the public had no right to know about the conversations reported in Mr. Maher’s story.

The newspaper’s argument was that the matters at hand have national significance, as you’ll see in the story.

Dan Leger, Director of News Content
They certainly do have national significance...