Monday, June 08, 2009

Le Devoir gets a brown envelope

Quite the week for the Harper government in terms of their credibility on many fronts. Their deficit projections were blown out of the water by their own admissions and by TD Bank. Their minister of Natural Resources lost documents that indicate millions being spent on Chalk River that have not been disclosed publicly to Canadians in the federal budget.

Throw the environmental file into the mix this week. Today Le Devoir discloses the contents of a brown envelope sent their way by some fine whistle blowing citizen. The documents disclose strategy documents of the Harper government for a follow-up meeting to Bali. The strategy was to attempt to surreptitiously undermine the Bali agreement on greenhouse gas reductions, an agreement that the Harper government signed, albeit reluctantly. The strategy included, for e.g., playing European nations against one another by singling out nations like Italy, to cause a "breach" in the European family. To intimate that Canada would withhold aid to developing countries unless they agreed to mandatory reductions and to ultimately not sign on to anything long term unless India, China & Russia agree to binding reductions as well.

In other words, the documents portray Canada as trying to undermine privately what it's agreed to publicly. Should do wonders for our international credibility, not that the Harper government has much to begin with on environmental matters in any event. This should just confirm it to other nations.

Looks like more questions for the Harper government to answer today.