Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Money doesn't buy you everything, Conservatives learn

Integrity, fairness, an even playing field outside an election period, such considerations don't compute in the Conservative mind, this Canwest report suggests. They are apparently baffled at the CBC's policy not to carry their political hatchet jobs on the airwaves of the public national broadcaster:
The Conservative party was unable to get television commercials aimed at Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff broadcast by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation because the attack ads violated the network's long-standing ban on political advertising.

"We'll only accept political advertising like that when there is an election campaign on," CBC spokesman Jeff Keay said. "We have generally pretty strict guidelines."

The policy has been in place for many years and was reviewed a few years ago, Keay said.
What is the Conservative reaction? Bewildered that an institution charged with a public mandate in Canada might refuse their almighty dollars for considerations other than monetary:
One Conservative source, speaking on background, said the party thought it was odd CBC would turn down its advertising dollars at a time when the network was struggling under financial pressures. CBC has had to reduce staff and programming as advertising revenues have plunged.

No other network refused to carry the Ignatieff ads, the source said. The TV spots have received heavy airplay in recent weeks, and the cost of the campaign is estimated in the millions of dollars.
Money can't buy you everything, Conservatives, live and learn.

(h/t RamaraMan)