Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Truthiness in stimulus spending

It was reported last night by Canadian Press that "Almost all economic stimulus cash would keep flowing during election." Yet Harper Minister and head of Treasury Board Vic Toews was stating the opposite in the House of Commons today during Question Period. So, a reminder for Mr. Toews and to anyone wondering about the truth:
More than 90 per cent of the economic stimulus planned for this fiscal year will continue to flow whether or not opposition parties defeat the federal government and force an election on Friday.

And that fact blows a big hole in Prime Minister Stephen Harper's best argument for avoiding a summer vote.

"I think it's largely bogus," says Allan Maslove, public policy and administration expert at Carleton University.

"Governments don't shut down (during an election), they continue to spend money. So all of those programs that were approved can go forward."

Out of $22.7 billion in infrastructure and other stimulus measures announced in the January budget, Treasury Board officials confirm that parliamentary approval has already been received for $21.1 billion.
90 percent, Mr. Toews!

This important information was blogged by the BCer last night, then picked up by Kady O'Malley this morning, as noted by Scott Tribe. Apparently it needs to be said quite a bit in order to counter the Conservative myth making factory.