Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Wanted: one Cdn GM board member

Better be one heck of a board member:
"For Ottawa's participation in the GM bailout, it will get one seat on the new GM's 13-member board. But Washington, with its directors, will be calling the shots, even if they don't want to run the business. If you can imagine a common currency in North America, with the Federal Reserve having five board members to the Bank of Canada's one, that's pretty much the situation over at the new GM. And that one Canadian board member will have to defend not only the investment, which Harper acknowledges we might never see again, but Canadian turf, in keeping plants open and gaining our share of the new generation of fuel-efficient cars."
Was twittering about this yesterday, to the effect that a Danny Williams type would be good. Aggressive, challenging, critical. Someone else who comes to mind who has Windsor roots, financial acumen and national credibility, Paul Martin. Could end up being a very important pick, something to watch.