Thursday, July 30, 2009

Random news items

Prime Minister Stephen Harper says there is no need for another federal election in times of economic instability.

Harper insists the priority for Canadians is to have Parliament take care of the economy.

The prime minister says the current economic recovery is fragile and would be undermined by another election and more political instability.
And two:
Canada's opposition Liberals have regained a slight lead in public opinion over the ruling Conservatives, but neither party has enough support to be sure of winning an election if one were held now, a weekly poll showed on Thursday.

The Ekos survey for the Canadian Broadcasting Corp put the Liberals at 34.1 percent support, up from 32.5 percent last week. The Conservatives were at 32.5 percent, down from 32.8 percent.
"The (Conservatives) would probably narrowly lose an election if it were held right now," Ekos President Frank Graves said in a statement.
To be fair, this is not a major breakaway or anything like that and these things have been seesawing...but we do enjoy a little juxtaposition here and there...