Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Conservative Senator Housakos & friends in the news again

Three persons described as being "close" to Senator Housakos have received federal appointments in recent months:
Trois proches du sénateur conservateur Leo Housakos ont été nommés à des postes rémunérés de l'administration publique fédérale dans les derniers mois, a appris Le Devoir. Ces trois personnes, près du parti au pouvoir, ont atterri au Conseil arbitral de l'assurance emploi, à Via Rail et à la société d'État Ponts Jacques-Cartier et Champlain inc.
That last appointment to the board of the Crown corporation governing the Montreal bridges is the most intriguing here. Recall the present ethics investigation into Senator Housakos and the fact that a company he was allegedly employed at was awarded a federal stimulus contract by that federal bridge corporation. This report suggests that a political associate of Housakos, Serge Martel, was appointed to that board in December 2008 (during prorogation vacation).

Note that an earlier CP report had already reported on the Via Rail and Employment Insurance appointments referenced in today's Le Devoir report, so I'm not sure why the showy "Le Devoir has learned" intro. But they do provide more detail on the relationships between those two individuals and Senator Housakos.

Conservative hypocritical patronage gets some more attention with this story. Additional scrutiny is likely to be applied now in the ethics complaint involving that stimulus contract. And more questions in the House of Commons likely today...