Thursday, November 26, 2009

Ekos poll a little more interesting this week

This week's Ekos, why not. Federal numbers: Conservatives 36.9; Liberals 27.1; NDP 15.3; Green 11.4; Bloc 9.4. Recall the big story polling wise over the past week was the tightening of the Liberal and NDP support to within about five percent courtesy of another poll. This result is clearly quite different.

Other items catching the eye here...

Ontario numbers: Con 39.3; Liberals 33.4; NDP 15...

Quebec: Con 22; Liberals 22.7; Bloc 37.4; NDP 9.4

Under 25 age group: Liberals 24.7; Con 21; NDP 18.8.

Daily tracking numbers around November 12 & 13th tightened up, this could have been due to H1N1:
November 12: Con 35.4; Lib 28.5
November 13: Con 33.1; Lib 30.1. Just one day there, the numbers tend to show a spread of what we're seeing nationally today overall, but interesting.

Would you say the government of Canada is moving in the right direction or wrong direction?
Right direction 43.4
Wrong direction 43.7
There's an opening...strongest "wrong direction" number in Quebec, then B.C. Strongest "right direction" in...wait for it...Alberta, then Saskatchewan/Manitoba, Ontario. (Ontario splits right 44 to wrong 41). Also interesting, the gender split here. Women: wrong direction 44.4 to right direction 38.8. Men: right direction 48.2 to wrong 43.1.

Another poll, for what it's worth, not so bad.