Tuesday, November 03, 2009

For the gun registry: part II

For Nathan Cullen, Dennis Bevington, Charlie Angus, Niki Ashton and Carol Hughes...Greg has a question for you which I would also address to Liberals who are similarly considering voting for the repeal of the gun registry:
We in the cities want to know why you are stabbing us in the back?
Fix it, don't end it.

Updated (8:05 p.m.) and (8:40 p.m.): Two reports tonight: "Tory MP says she's close to having support to kill gun registry;""Plan to end gun registry stirs plea from Mtl police as tragic anniversary nears." From the latter report:
With the future of the firearms registry up for a free vote Wednesday in the House of Commons, Montreal's police chief pleaded with politicians to keep it alive.

In a rare political statement issued from his police chief's office, Yvan Delorme cited a specific case where the registry may have helped Montreal officers prevent another gun rampage.
Delorme stressed that the registry was inspired by the Polytechnique massacre - and he said all the money spent to create the registry would be completely wasted if it were eliminated.

The creation of the registry has been derided as a billion-dollar boondoggle, but Delorme said killing the registry now won't recover that startup money.

"Its existence is essential, primarily for security reasons, but also because the investments already made would be entirely wasted," Delorme said.

"Yes, the registry could be improved but we consider it an important tool to minimize the risks associated with guns."

He dismissed critics who call the registry useless. Delorme described how, shortly after the 2007 Dawson College shooting, police received a report that another individual had been making similar threats.

The registry alerted officers that this person actually owned several guns - which officers seized, Delorme said.
Scott was right, this vote should be whipped.

Update II (8:40 p.m.): Maybe Liberals should be playing Harper's wedge politics more. This vote speaks to urban voters, women voters, Quebec voters. Not bad.