Tuesday, November 03, 2009

For the gun registry

An op-ed today from the mother of one of those killed at Ecole Polytechnique on the need to maintain the gun registry (Google translation):
The Law on Firearms is a monument erected in memory of victims of the massacre at the Ecole Polytechnique, including my daughter, Anne-Marie Edward. I am disappointed that the Conservative Party of Canada, who claims to be the party of law and order, chooses to ignore the police, victims and the vast majority of Canadians and continue its agenda to dismantle the control of firearms.

I am disappointed that the leaders of the Liberal and NDP do not seem ready to stop them. I'm disappointed they claim that the C-391 is a draft 'bill they can not stop. The C-391 is a clear bill of government: Prime Minister, the Conservative Party and its allies have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to push the passage of this bill.
A few weeks before the 20th anniversary of that tragic day of the killings at the Polytechnique, only Gilles Duceppe remains true to his word. It is clear that the lobby Canadian firearms (like the American NRA) and the Conservatives have a lot of money to spend on marketing and advertising. I rely strongly that we will have, again, the support of opposition parties.

We need a national registry of firearms. Lives depend on it.
Travers makes this reasonable commentary on it today:
A small but potentially decisive number of opposition members are expected to protect themselves by breaking party ranks to support the Conservative private member's bill. That may save their political skins; it's not in the public interest.

Even if the registry has limited utility, it's grossly wasteful to throw away money already sunk into what Conservatives inflate as the multi-billion-dollar Liberal boondoggle. A common sense solution, particularly for a ruling party that makes so much of law-and-order and protecting family values, is a compromise balancing legitimate urban fears against rural sensibilities.
Perhaps if this bill does in fact pass, and this repeal of the gun registry follows, the sting will be a rude awakening to the opposition. Maybe a big loss like this is what's needed to more concertedly galvanize progressive forces in this country. That's about the best upside you could make out of such a loss.

One other observation, this is likely not the last of the targeted advertising campaigns against opposition members. The hulking Conservative money machine is rolling merrily along and with this success under their belt, why would they stop?