Friday, November 13, 2009

Inspiring the youth of tomorrow

This sounds about right:
Karen Williams is disappointed with Prime Minister Stephen Harper.
The Grade 12 student from The Woodlands School and fellow members of the school’s Environmental Council called Harper’s office in September to voice their opinion on climate change and received a shocking response when they received a call back, discouraging them from calling again.
“We wanted him to say, ‘Hey, thanks for calling me and we want to make a change in the world,’ but that’s not what he said,” Williams told The News yesterday, replaying the morning the school received a call from the prime minister’s office.
Instead, she said, a representative from his office requested the principal go on the P.A. system and ask students not to call anymore.
The old "no record of the call" trick is hauled out:
Dechert said the PMO has no record of the call to the school, but says it wasn’t authorized by Harper or his chief of staff, Guy Giorno.
No, I'm sure it wasn't, which is not the point. The gut democratic instincts of the Harper Conservatives are what matters. Chalk up one more instance, inspiring the youth of tomorrow, one precious mind at a time...