Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Jim Prentice office occupation yesterday (video)

Great little video here, just a straight up interview but this protester is disarmingly candid and pretty effective. He conveys frustration from youth on the environment issue quite clearly here. And he's got his facts and figures all lined up and he's ready to quote them! Swats back Solomon's characterization of him and his protest band as engaging in "radical" action. A little idealistic in response but he gets to the point: "No, what's radical is that "Prentice" is one of the worst for blocking progress on climate change!" Also interesting, the way he repeatedly refers to "Prentice" almost as an epithet throughout. Maybe we should make a verb out of it: to "Prentice" meaning to block meaningful progress on any given issue.

They certainly drew attention to the issue yesterday, before ultimately being arrested and charged with mischief.

More on the issue here as Quebec breaks from the Canadian position in advance of Copenhagen, committing to 20% reduction targets in greenhouse gas emissions from 1990 levels by 2020. That would bring Quebec in line with the European Union's target. Quebec will be represented within the Canadian delegation, yesterday's move by Premier Charest giving us a preview of the mixed signals that will be coming from Stephen Harper's laggard Canada while at Copenhagen.