Friday, November 06, 2009

The national infrastructure stimulus now comic fodder

The simplicity of the Mercer skit conveys precisely what the Harper Government™ has done with Canada's stimulus spending plan. They've skewed it into an almost comic display of dollars being shunted to Conservative ridings above all others. The latest media investigation yesterday further demonstrated the point. It's become a joke, simply put, and Mercer puts the icing on the cake.

Canadians get the essential unfairness of partisan spending and that was made abundantly clear in the Ekos poll yesterday where to the tune of about 60%, on average across the country, they expressed disagreement with such practices.

Combine that sensibility among Canadians with job number news today: "What recovery? Canada drops 43,200 jobs as unemployment rate hits 8.6 per cent." At some point, the link between the two is going to be made. What exactly did our government do during this recession? Feather its own nest or did it make concrete improvements for Canadians? The judgment will come, but for now, it's fair to say, when Mercer is nailing it as he does, the indelible impression of Conservative pork barrel spending is going to be hard to overcome.