Monday, November 16, 2009

Poli-wood 2009

Are you enjoying "Poli-wood 2009?" That's what we're dubbing it around here.

For the next few days in India, catch one middle-aged Conservative leader's belated political trip, four years into his mandate(s), made at that crucial juncture between minority and majority government cuspage, just to woo the Indian voters back home in Ruby Dhalla's riding.

Get ready for the carefully scripted political itinerary, chosen by the chess master himself as he attempts to mine all the possible political gold that can possibly be squeezed in during a three day trip to India. See an Olympic torch ceremony today with one of India's biggest Bollywood stars, Akshay Kumar! Get ready for the television dance show visit and much more! Nothing is off limits during Poli-wood 2009!

But will he dance? This is the big question...