Saturday, November 21, 2009

Small steps

"It looks like the Liberals are caught in that old classic pincer movement," said Bricker, "where they're now not just losing their centrist and slightly right-wing voters, they're also starting to lose their left-wing voters . . . to the NDP."
Partly why I have been advocating Liberals support the gun registry. If C-391 makes it to third reading, and Liberals whip the vote, then NDP and Conservatives will be the ones to defeat the registry. A clear statement would be made to voters who support it. Note that some NDP faithful are ticked.

The polls are not prohibitive here, EKOS on Thursday actually showed a majority in favour of gun control. There's support for the principle.
The EKOS poll suggests supporters of the gun registry are more likely to be university-educated, Liberal or BQ supporters, or living in Quebec.
Fifty-four per cent of people surveyed agreed with the statement that “with the exception of law enforcement, gun ownership should be outlawed completely."

Forty-six per cent of those polled agreed with the statement that “all Canadian citizens should have a legal right to bear arms.”
There's your base and there's your principled justification.

Whether this issue is still on the table or whether a decision has been made to just let it go, that's another question.