Saturday, November 07, 2009

A successful Prog Blogs event

Just wanted to say thank you to Kelly John Rose and his wife Tracey for hosting the Progressive Bloggers get together this afternoon at their very unique abode in downtown Toronto, a very appropriate setting for the progressives to congregate in!

Always good to see the faces behind the sites and twitter accounts including: Garry Wise; Cam Holmstrom; Jeff Jedras; Notes from Underground; Runesmith; Uranowski; Queer Thoughts; Big City Lib; Jamie Callingham; Danielle Takacs; Calgary Grit; that Krengel guy (sorry, forgot site:)); Camille Labchuk; Mark Greenan; Mark Francis; and Scott Tribe, the dean of Prog Blogs, of course. Hope I didn't omit anyone and apologies if I did. There are pictures to come, I do believe, so if I've forgotten anyone, they will pop up there:)

Lots of talk on the state of affairs in Ottawa, the gun registry issue, recent inanities (certain Senators, ahem), various ridings of interest (Saanich Gulf Islands for e.g.), various politicians we love (and not so much love), various media we love (and not so much love), life events, who needs to blog more (Takacs, looking at you, heh), etc.

All in all, a good event to reinvigorate the blogging soul! Until next time...