Monday, November 30, 2009

What the Conservatives are reaping with some voters

From an angry resident of St. Paul's riding in Toronto, held by Liberal MP Carolyn Bennett, a response to the recent Speaker-rebuked Conservative flyer meant to target Jewish voters and win them over to the Conservatives. Here's what the Conservatives are reaping among some voters out there instead (sent via email today):
I received in the mail that "anti-Jewish" ten percenter from John Duncan, MP (purportedly). My response, sent to Harper follows:

Please find enclosed, a letter found in my mailbox from John Duncan, MP. Whoever he is. He’s not my MP. This missive is an insult to me.

First, I am not Jewish, but Christian.

Second, I find its contents racist and inflammatory.

Thirdly, I abhor any thought of being anti-Semitic and over my lifetime have had friends of the Jewish faith. So this insults me.

Fourthly, it is my understanding that this was paid out of revenue from my taxes. That, too, is an insult. It should be financed out of the funds of the Conservative Party of Canada, not from taxpayers. Because, sir, it is a partisan pamphlet. No amount of spin can justify this. And, let me assure you that this doesn’t contribute to any support from me at the ballot box.

I am, to be frank, disgusted.

I should think that Canadians should be reimbursed for the tax money used in this message.
Oh to have a Prime Minister who would give such messages a second thought! Unfortunately, what the Conservatives will now do is just slot this response into the pile designated as "unlikely Conservative voter" and remove him from their list of targeted voters going forward. It may feel quite satisfactory to vent at the Conservatives but in effect, this actually helps them out by culling their voting lists.

Still, worth showing as a good example of the sentiments the Harper government seems to feel no qualms whatsoever about riling up.

Update: I think the writer meant "anti-Semitic" in that first part.