Friday, November 13, 2009

Why is CIDA publicizing Conservative MP tours of a museum exhibit?

A press release from CIDA, released via the Marketwire service tells us this: "Brent Rathgeber Tours Afghanistan Exhibit at St. Albert Place." Rathgeber is a Conservative MP who sits on the Justice & Human Rights Commons Committee. But why did CIDA feel the need to put out a press release on behalf of this MP extolling his itinerary in his riding? Rathgeber doesn't appear to have any connection to CIDA. A government exhibit just happens to have been on in his riding. They did the same thing for Royal Galipeau's tour of this exhibit in October when it was in his riding.

So we must ask, is this the latest use of our money for their self-promotion? Why are Conservative MPs being conferred this publicity benefit out of CIDA's budget for what looks like a typical MP riding event?